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The Surveillance of digital Media hAbits in earLy chiLdhood Questionnaire (SMALLQ®) is an online survey used to estimate the weekday & weekend parent-reported on-screen & off-screen media habits of preschoolers, among other things. The survey polls these behaviours outside of schooling hours.

Conditions for the use of SMALLQ®

  • Seek written permission from Professor Michael Chia ( before any use, adaptation or translation, in whole or part, of SMALLQ®

  • In the case of a publication, cite the reference publication of SMALLQ® as:

    • Chia, M., Tay, L. Y., & Chua, T. B. K. (2019). The development of an online surveillance of digital media use in early childhood questionnaire - SMALLQ® - for Singapore.

  • Include the following trademark information on all pages on which the questionnaire will be presented:

    • SMALLQ® is a registered trademark- 40201824154R c/o Professor Michael Chia, NIE, NTU Singapore.

  • The abovementioned conditions apply in the case of use of the online and offline versions of the questionnaire.

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