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Advocate of IISSAAR-Singapore 
Deanna Tan

I am Deanna Tan, an undergraduate from Nanyang Technological University with a major in Sport Science & Management and minor in Special Needs Education. Digital media devices are commonly used for entertainment, communication, work, and education purposes. For children with special needs, digital media devices have an additional function of providing assistance in everyday life. For example, augmentative and alternative communication devices can help children who are non-verbal while digital screen magnifiers and smartphone applications aid children with visual impairment. Digital screen devices when used appropriately bridge the gap between children with special needs and neurotypical children by offering alternative modes of social interactions, that can facilitate inclusive play and learning. As an individual with keen interest in special needs, I helped to develop the Parent-smalQ (surveillance of digital media habits in childhood Questionnaire) for children with special needs for my final year project.

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