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Pre-schoolers’ use of technology and digital media in Singapore

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Pre-schoolers’ use of technology and digital media in Singapore: Entertainmentindulgence and/or learning engagement?

Tay, L. Y., Chia, M., Aiyoob, T. B., Chua, T. B. K. & Ramachandran K. (in review)


The proliferation of information and communication technology (ICT) has changed the way we live and this also has implications on how it is used for learning and entertainment. However, technology and digital media are more often seen as gateways to entertainment and the attraction is a very strong one. This is true for adults and children including pre-schoolers. This online survey research investigated parents’ attitudes and concerns towards their pre-schoolers’ use of technology and digital media in Singapore. More specifically, this survey research explored parents’ attitudes towards the ‘what’ and ‘why’ questions of pre-schoolers’ use of technology and digital media at home; what technological devices were more commonly used, what digital media activities were pre-schoolers mostly engaged in (i.e., learning or entertainment) and why technology and digital media were used. Parents were also surveyed if they were concerned about some perceived effects of their pre-schooler’s digital media use. Although parents rated and ranked improving their pre-schoolers’ skills and knowledge as the highest in terms of importance of digital media use, the findings of the survey reflected that the amount of time their pre-schoolers use technology and digital media for entertainment is significantly more than that for learning. Hence, it is important for parents to guide their pre-schoolers on more productive use of digital media, balancing between engagement for learning and/or indulgence in entertainment. There are strong indications that the influence of parents’ use of technology and digital media over their growing child cannot be overstated, this is even more prevalent for pre-schoolers.

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